www.lactivistbling.co.uk has a huge range of jewellery specifically designed with breastfeeders in mind. If you are looking for a new baby gift or a present for a stylish mum look no further!

Nursing Necklaces at Lactivistbling

 Nursing Necklaces are perfect for stylish mums with breastfeeding babies (or toddlers) that like to fidget – the Nursing Necklace keeps their attention where it is wanted.

Breastfeeding Reminder Bracelets remind you which side to feed from next, all you have to do is remember to swap the bracelet onto the other wrist when you finish a feed.


March 2012 – “I just wanted to say thank you for the delightful coloured necklace with bells, which I received this morning only a couple of days after placing the order! I wasn’t expecting it so soon so it was a lovely surprise!

 Lactivist Bling

My children think it is wonderful (my daughter will be five next month and my son is two and a half) and we are looking forward to trying it out tonight at bedtime when we tandem feed!

I am also hoping that it will stop my son from twiddling with the other nipple!!

So far your necklace has gone down very well My daughter loves playing with it and fell asleep holding it last night! It has also diverted my son’s attention somewhat so that he has spent a little less time twiddling! Here is a picture of me and my two children and your lovely necklace!

My daughter on the right of the photo is holding the necklace. My son on the left will be two and a half this week I think he too is twiddling! Regards, Many thanks, Ruth”